Automatic leak testing machine

Movicontrol integrates the main brands of leak testing equipment. We develop test benches and tools tailored to the piece to make an optimal check for leaks, tightness or flow.

Micro leak testers and leak or tightness test

Movicontrol markets and manufactures special machines to check leaks in all the parts produced. These machines designed and manufactured according to the client’s specifications for the tightness control of a wide variety of parts and industries.
An automaton programmed by us allows us to control the sealing equipment and collect the information resulting from the test. If the part is OK, a file will be generated with all the valve data and the result of the leak test. This file will be stored on the PLC memory card, which can be accessed remotely via Ethernet. Subsequently, a marking of the encoded data can be carried out by means of laser engraving or by printing labels.

Our leak check machines allow you to verify the tightness of a wide variety of parts and ensure the quality specifications required by the customer. The repeatability of the results and the traceability of the tests offer a certainty in results, difficult to obtain by other methods.

Leak Test Methods

Our automatic equipment focuses on detecting leaks through pressurized air tests. It consists of measuring variations in pressure when putting air into a piece. The most common tests, carried out on our machines, are:

  • Pressure drop test: the part is filled with air until the defined pressure is reached. The piece is then allowed to stabilize for a certain time. And finally it is measured during another predefined time. IF the pressure varies, the result is a leak and the part is “NOK”.
  • Differential pressure test: in this case, the pressure difference between a reference part with known characteristics and the part to be verified is measured. Both the test piece and the reference piece are filled simultaneously to the same overpressure. Any pressure difference is measured over a defined time interval.