Autonomous mobile robots

Integration and development of self-guided vehicles (AGV and AMR) in Spain.

Custom configuration and programming of this technology that will help you automate transport and logistics tasks within your plant or warehouse.

Also integrated in production facilities for the movement of collaborative robots or conveyor belts.

What is an AMR?

The acronym AGV can refer to: Automatic Guided Vehicle (‘automatic guided vehicle’ in English), automatic guided vehicle; that is, without a driver. And they can have different guidance systems from rails to laser mapping, through RFID, code reading, artificial vision, optoguidance…

And an AMR robot (Autonomous Mobile Robots) is a fully autonomous and intelligent transport device used to automate transport tasks in production and logistics areas. It could be said that it is an agv but with the ability to choose the optimal route in the face of an obstacle, or to be able to manage fleets.

How does it work?

AMRs are an advance over other autonomous transport technologies such as AGVs or AIVs. The AMRs incorporate superior technology in software and hardware, giving them intelligence and being able to make certain decisions on their journey.

These mobile robots perform a scan of the plant, generating a map of the facilities. Stopping points are included on this navigation map where the collection or unloading operation is carried out.

Using sensors such as laser scanners or cameras and its software, the robot is capable of processing obstacles, modifying its path of advance and reaching the desired point without stopping. At the same time, it fosters a safe and collaborative environment for humans.

We develop customized autonomous vehicles (design, assembly, programming and commissioning) for different industries and even hospital disinfection. We develop those systems that you cannot find on the market and that need to be adapted to production or technical particularities.
We also integrate AMR of the main brands in the market. Studying each case to offer the right team.
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