Cobot or collaborative robot

We integrate and program collaborative robots as well as the peripheral equipment that is needed for the correct functioning of the cell.

We not only carry out turnkey projects, but also advise and present the best alternatives on the market for collaborative robots. In addition to meeting safety standards. All this to ensure that the final solution is efficient and the one that best adapts to the client’s process.


With the outbreak of the so-called industry 4.0, collaborative robots find a market and their use is increasingly requested. With them it is possible to carry out certain operations next to a human and even move it to different areas of the factory where its operation is required. Although it is necessary to take into account its possible limitations with respect to an industrial robot (strength, speed, precision) and that its application be truly collaborative without exposing any danger to workers.

At Movicontrol we have a team of experts in robotics that can advise you on your project and the different possibilities on the market. As well as the risk and security assessment that must be met for an application to be fully collaborative.

As in all our industrial automation projects, we study the feasibility, simulate and design, develop and program, implement and start up the installation. Subsequently, we monitor and improve it, in addition to instructing plant personnel on the new technology.

The projects we have carried out involve:

  • Adhesive or glue applications
  • screwdriving applications
  • Palletized and depalletized according to pattern or tapestry
  • Handling of products
  • Collaborative solutions that can be moved around the factory to support the production processes that need it most at that moment
Cobot_Omron_TM con vision artificial