Our mission goes beyond the fact of engineering and developing industrial machinery. With more than 15 years of experience behind our team and firm corporate values, we help and collaborate to improve the production processes of our clients.


empresa automatización industrial mas de 15 años

Movicontrol was founded in 2004 in Zaragoza by José Antonio Aranda. The motivation to undertake this project was focused on creating a firm that would produce and engineer specific machinery within the Aragonese territory. Thus, to be able to provide services to Aragonese, Spanish and international companies within the territory, without the need to look for it in foreign markets.

In all the years of experience in the sector, nothing has been easy, with obstacles to overcome and successes. But the effort has always been constant and focused on offering the best industrial service. Thanks to the backbone formed by our values ​​of quality, exclusivity, creativity, commitment and cooperation, we continue to move forward and constantly grow.

Our objectives are focused on maintaining a relationship of trust with the client and helping them to gain efficiency in their production processes with the design, creation and assembly of automated machines and lines. Always integrating R&D in each project.

For this we have a team of 40 highly qualified people, distributed in different departments and involved in each phase of production and design. We are dedicated to mechatronics in all its fields. We are totally autonomous in carrying out precision mechanical, electronic/electrical, automatic control and systems engineering for product design.


Automation is a key element for industrial companies. Increasingly involved in all manufacturing processes, providing greater productivity and reducing occupational hazards. Companies gain efficiency -reduction of downtime and improvement of the man-machine ratio-, it reduces production costs, increases profitability and competitiveness in the sector.

At Movicontrol we offer personalized solutions to the needs of each client, always providing the most innovative technology and the most specialized services. In all our years of experience we have worked for different sectors, highlighting among all the automotive and plastic sectors.

The automotive industry is a very important industry in Spain, due to how its industrial fabric is made up, and automation is a great ally to meet the demands and gain competitiveness in the market. We have designed and produced different machines and automatic processes for ultrasonic welding, laser marking, machine vision and part assembly, among other projects.

We also want to highlight the importance of other sectors and our ability to work in them. Sectors such as: white goods, food, pharmaceutical, electronic, lighting…