Flexible assembly lines

Movicontrol develops complete assembly and verification lines. We design and install automated systems for each process, jointly developing robust cycle-time industrializations.

FMS lines

Movicontrol designs, builds and starts up flexible lines to automate various processes and chain them together. To this end, it designs each of the non-standard parts and equipment necessary for the complete development of the “turnkey project”. All the set-up is done in our plant while waiting for the customer’s approval to be installed in their plant.

These lines provide production flexibility, since they allow different product references to be made and to go through different processes autonomously, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. In addition to collecting traceability data from 100% of production and incorporating quality analysis systems and reducing failures.

Por otra parte, al llevar a cabo una linea automatizada, a menudo más de un equipo o máquina (normalmente de distintos fabricantes) deben coexistir y trabajar juntos para poder producir el producto final. Nosotros realizamos este tipo de operativas comunicando nuestros manipuladores, cintas y utillajes con maquinaria y equipos de otros fabricantes.