We are a mechatronics engineering, which integrates as our own, each one of the aspects of the development. Thus we can design, machine, assemble and assemble, program and adjust both machines and lines to automate processes.


In our technical office we have specialists in mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic design. We are capable of designing all kinds of machines, tools, test benches and prototypes using the most advanced 2D and 3D tools.

In addition, these same designs are assembled in our plant with the monitoring and improvements of our technical office. Always looking for the highest quality in the final product.

We also have CNC lathes and turret milling machines, allowing us to produce small series of parts at affordable prices. CNC milling machines work with CAD-CAM software for machining any type of 3D part.

Electric and

We also have a technical office specialized in electrical design. We develop designs with various specific programs for electrical panels and all types of installations.

Subsequently, in our center, the assembly and wiring is carried out based on our documentation or with circuits provided by the client.

and control

We have engineers trained in the programming of robots and automatic systems. By working together with the other engineering departments, the necessary information is established that provides the basis for the automation work.

All assembly, programming and adjustments are made in our facilities to achieve the best optimization of the machine or robotic system.

We know and use different software according to customer preferences, to create and optimize processes according to product characteristics and integrated components (PLC, interface screens, actuators with their own controllers, safety relays, artificial vision cameras, printing equipment and code reading among other instruments).

and spare parts

We are official distributors of leading brands. This allows us to have our own supply to carry out projects, as well as market the spare parts or components that the client needs.

We carry out industrial, preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment that the client requires. For this we have the best help, our technicians have designed and assembled it.


We take care of the logistical aspect of the transport of the order, as well as the installation and start-up in the plant that the client requests.

We also have machining centers, allowing us to produce small series of parts. CNC milling machines work with CAD-CAM software for machining any type of 3D part.