Ultrasonic, laser or hot plate welding

Movicontrol has been a specialist since its inception in plastic processes for the automobile. In particular, we develop special machines for welding thermoplastics. Whether integrating sonotrodes for ultrasonic welding, laser or thermofusion plate.

Ultrasonic welding is equipment used in the industry to join different pieces of plastic, metal and plastic, and non-woven fabric (TNT). There are also other possibilities besides ultrasound, such as plate or hot spot welding and laser plastic welding.

With plastic welding lasers you will be able to join plastic components precisely, reliably and permanently. No chemical, thermal or mechanical damage to the material. In addition, it achieves watertight welds with IP-67 level and pressure resistant. It welds both liquid containers without fear of leaks and hermetic devices without risk of liquid entering inside.

En movicontrol trabajamos con distintos proveedores buscando siempre adaptarnos a los estándares del cliente y presentándoles las opciones de mejor calidad y más rentables. Instalamos equipos de diferentes tecnologías según necesite el cliente y en función del proceso. Para ello no solo nos valemos de nuestra experiencia, si no que realizamos pruebas previas con piezas reales.

Benefits of our machines and ultrasonic welding

  • High processing speed
  • short cycles
  • High security
  • Absolute control of processes and quality
  • Repeatability and precision
  • Waterproof welding IP-67