Cells and robotic islands

Specialists in robotic cells, we design and develop robotic projects for handling, assembly and inspection processes. We also make islands with a multi-station turntable with Cartesian manipulators or robots.

Células con robots industriales

We carry out turnkey projects for cells that integrate robots and other technologies such as artificial vision to guide them. We work with the main robotics market brands and install the most suitable robot for each process, giving us the possibility of adapting to the client’s standards and technical specifications.

All robot programming, control and guidance is developed by our specialists. Our programmers are trained in different brands of robots and simulation software, as well as artificial vision and automata. This gives us greater flexibility when carrying out projects. We adapt as much as possible to the requirements of our customers and their manufacturing processes.

Specialists in process robotization

  • Depalletizing, feeding and palletizing island
  • Palletizing according to predefined tapestry
  • Glue application cell
  • Island for glue application and assembly of components
  • Clip insertion
  • Artificial vision verification cell
  • Extraction of parts from the plastic injection mold
  • Robotic handling cells
  • Robotic pick & place cells
  • Injector extraction and cutting with the same manipulator
  • Loading of components inside the mold to overinject
  • Plastic laser cutting
  • Burner to heat surfaces
  • Automatic labeling
  • Laser marking
  • Automatic screwdriving with robot, angle and torque control, and automatic screw dosing.
  • Robotic riveting station

Industrial robots

Industrial robots are manipulators used in the industrial automation of manufacturing processes. The most used robots due to their versatility are those with six axes. Although there are a wide variety of them to adjust to the specific needs of the process (speed, load weight, range, repeatability, precision…). Consequently, we can find a 3-axis, 4-axis robot for palletizing up to 7 axes.


Types of industrial robots

Within the existing range of possibilities, robots can vary in characteristics such as programming, their capacity for freedom in operation, the class of accuracy when executing tasks, as well as their speed and possible workload. We study the process and apply the most suitable robot under the specific needs of the client.

  • Scara: cylindrical robot that has 4 degrees of freedom and horizontal positioning. They are fast and beneficial in short cycle times with high load capacity.
  • Cartesian: high-precision industrial robot. Movement in Cartesian axes. Simpler programming and lower cost.
  • 6 axes: arm-like anthropomorphic robot. It is the industrial robot with greater flexibility, thanks to its freedom of movement. In addition there are many varieties according to sizes (reach) and strength.
  • Delta robot: parallel robot with 3 degrees of freedom. The movement is carried out with kinematic chains based on parallelograms. They are very fast robots used to position lightweight parts in very short cycle times.
tipos de robot industrial