Grippers and End of arm tools (EOAT)

We design and produce robot hands seeking maximum reliability and functionality according to the application to be developed. We adapt to the production standards required by our customers.

Robot grippers and hands

Many industrial processes are specific and different for each manufacturing method. For this reason, the final solution requires the specific and tailor-made design of tweezers, grippers or special hands that are not found on the market. Movicontrol specializes in the design of this type of project, studying the application, producing and installing the most suitable tool in each case.

On the other hand, after years of experience working with mold makers and companies dedicated to plastic injection, we design the claw from the 3D of the mold. It is only necessary to have the last layer of the drawing or the 3D of the pieces and to know production standards so that we can work. In this way we speed up the process, since it is not necessary for the mold to be installed.

We also carry out the installation of weights and hoists with the hand developed to measure the pieces and available movement space.

We develop custom claws for collaborative and industrial robots. Among all the projects carried out we can find:

  • Vacuum through suction cups according to the lip configuration, stiffness of the bellows, size of the suction cup and characteristics of the material.
  • Angular or parallel clamps for movement of components.
  • Grippers with needles for textiles and fiber products.
  • Magnetic hands for ferrous products.
  • Large claws for palletizing
  • Special claws for inserting parts in molds
  • Laser
  • screwdrivers
  • Adhesive dispensers
  • Hands with cutting tool
  • Hands with automatic adjustment to different pieces
  • Automatic gripper change on robot
  • Rotating hands with various tools