Flexible workstations

We develop automatic workstations according to the specific application that the client needs. It is a versatile workbench to work with an application in different projects or product references.

A machine for different product models

The system is based on a single frame with the necessary equipment for the process and its programming. The operator only has to change the plate or cradle to work with different products or references. To make those changes easy, the workstation features quick connection changes. In addition, we have developed lifting systems, ball carriages and shelves with sliding elements to help the ergonomics of changing large and heavy cots.

In addition to the main application of the production process, all kinds of equipment, peripherals and tools such as microfugometers, laser markers, laser cutting, micro-punch markers, artificial vision cameras, manual or automatic code readers, etc. can be integrated into the frame. finished piece lifting systems “OK”, pokayokes to retain piece “NOK”. Despite being a standardized frame in different sizes, it has great flexibility and versatility to adapt to the circumstances of the client and their production systems, as well as the level of automation required.

The advantages of our workstation

  • Possibility of working in different references in different shifts.
  • Maintain a single frame taking advantage of its functionalities and elements installed over the years for different projects.
  • Ease of storage. It is much more functional to store plates, beds or cots on shelves than complete racks or fixtures.
  • Workers are prevented from having to move around the plant from one machine to another.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design for proper use by anyone regardless of their height or physical characteristics.