Industrial tools

Own design and manufacture of tools to optimize manufacturing processes, by positioning and fastening a piece or set of pieces to a reference system, in order to execute operations of various kinds.

Manufacture of tools, jigs and fixtures

Specialized in the manufacture of fixtures and special tools with their own study and development. We carry out turnkey projects and produce special or dedicated tools, designed under process specifications, as well as part characteristics. In addition, they are flexible allowing quick change and connection by the machine operator.

We highlight the tools for fixing and referencing parts to guarantee the precision of different automatic processes, as well as the tools for closing leak tests with high-pressure air.


The application of the tools allows:

  • Greater precision in manufacturing.
  • repeatability
  • High degree of uniformity.
  • Interchangeability and flexibility.
  • Time saving
  • Avoid mistakes (poka-yoke)
  • Ergonomics