Machine vision for automation

Artificial vision in the industry allows to automate processes in a reliable and consistent way. Our team has developed numerous custom vision systems in various industries to automate processes. Our solutions cover all aspects of the project, from design and specifications, to installation, application validation and subsequent technical support.

Artificial vision and sensors

Machine vision is increasingly present in the projects that we implement in different companies. Artificial vision represents one of the most relevant tools within Industry 4.0, since it is clearly integrated into each of the sections of a production process.

We integrate and program artificial vision equipment to provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We implement the vision in our own development projects and even in facilities that the client already has. In any case, thanks to the experience of our technicians, we advise on the best application, equipment and way of carrying out the project.

To take into account our skill in developing applications with other types of sensors, such as: photoelectric, fiber optic, proximity, inductive displacement, positioning, scanners, dimensional measurement, temperature, pressure…

The projects carried out by Movicontrol are very diverse. Among all of them we can find:

  • Code reading and label detection
  • robot guidance
  • Count of units in production lines
  • character recognition
  • Measurement of height and dimensions
  • Inspection of defects: color, stains, presence of elements
  • High resolution images for quality control of the finished product and to create databases.